200 people, hours of non-stop classic disco and lots of smiling faces all night.

Saturday 17th October at the Hammersmith Club (not exactly on the Broadway but close enough). It was the most fantastic crowd that got straight into the music and kept it going until they really had to throw us out. Even when we thought we were finishing, it was going so well that the venue egged us on to play another couple of tracks. Nor were they phased by the smoke machine setting the fire alarm off, as the crowd were so lovely and the feel-good vibe was so strong.

sheen-resistance-disco-london-hammersmith-17Some key memories of the night: formation dancers up on the balcony, the group from Swindon insisting on coming onto the stage for photos with the DJs (really?!), the spontaneous cheer that went up with the opening bars of Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough, all the photos being taken of our room dressing, and too many hands-in-the-air moments to count. It was a proper communal love-in with everybody fully into the peace, love and disco spirit of the night.

Huge thanks to everyone who came along and once again made it such fun – you were all brilliant!

More photos from the night here.