Downtown East Sheen, looking west along the Upper Richmond Road – click on the image for a larger view.

East Sheen – funkiest part of London

This photo of downtown East Sheen recently appeared showing the usual array of interesting characters we like to feature on our nights. This is taken in the Upper Richmond Road West, looking towards the junction with Sheen Lane. Local landmark Café Rosa is seen on the left and further along is Swatlands. Further proof that London SW14 is surely the grooviest location in the UK. You can almost hear the soundsystems, competing with the sounds of Jellybean, De La Soul, Chic, and rare groove, which is of course exactly what it’s like on every corner of East Sheen.

If you’re into disco, soul, funk, or 70s & 80s dance classics, our next night is in Hammersmith in May – more details here.

Click on the image to see it in more detail. More examples of Sheen’s soulful heritage can be found on this page or on our Facebook.

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