The Sheen Resistance bring classic 70s and 80s disco to Hammersmith in October

We’re really pleased to announce that with our next night, we bring the Sheen Resistance 70s and 80s disco hybrid north of the river to The Hammersmith Club on October 17th. After six years of sold-out parties in East Sheen and Barnes, this is a slightly larger venue for us that has hosted secret gigs for the likes of The Manic Street Preachers and Oasis. Even so, The Hammersmith Club is still one of the area’s best kept secrets. With a nice big dancefloor, high ceilings and shabby chic decor, we’re sure it’s going to be exactly the right combination of scale and intimacy that works for our audience. We’ll be sticking to the tried and true formula of classic disco, soul, funk and dance tunes from the 70′s and 80′s with the occasional pretender from more recent times.

We’re also excited to have a bigger canvas for our visuals which should now be able to make a larger contribution to the overall experience. Tickets started selling immediately we announced the night, and we’re looking forward to another sold-out night full of great, people – both regulars and newcomers. Grooving old-school since 2009.

Tickets are available now at the event page here.