We found out today that The Lofty Turtle, the host for The Sheen Resistance’s local nights for the past 3 years, has sadly closed its doors. Dee, Paddy, and all their staff have been unfailingly supportive of us from our first conversations with them, through to the final night we played, October 11th 2014. They’ve been wonderful hosts, fantastic collaborators and great mates, and undoubtedly have contributed in a huge way to the increasing success of our nights.

We’d like to thank everyone who’s been part of The Lofty Turtle team for as long as we’ve known them, and we wish you all well. East Sheen is worse off for you not being part of the landscape. To Dee and Paddy, the very best of luck for the Bronx Bar in Teignmouth and our very best wishes for a happy, successful life down there. x