Chic on the Sheen Resistance blog

“Clever, sophisticated, prolific: at their height, Chic made pop music so good that they seemed invulnerable.”

Guardian rock critic Alexis Petridis has written a wonderful review of a new Chic Organization compilation, with the timely title of Up All Night.

Featuring not only Chic themselves, this also contains songs they wrote and produced for other artists, such as Diana Ross, Carly Simon, Sister Sledge & Norma Jean Wright. This is some of the greatest dance music that will ever be recorded, that over 30 years on, still sounds incredible.

Read the review linked to above, then once you’ve felt the love, head over to iTunes or Amazon and get it for yourself.

Finally then grab some tickets to Forbidden Zone, our night in October where we’ll undoubtedly be playing some of it.