We’re loving Chic’s new single ‘I’ll be there’, released this week. Nile Rodgers has gone back to the Chic archives and built the new single on the chassis of a great Sister Sledge track from 1979, ‘Got to love somebody.’ The Chic organisation wrote and produced two albums for Sister Sledge – most famously ‘We are family’ which contained the big hits ‘We are family’, ‘Lost in music’, ‘Thinking of you’, and ‘He’s the greatest dancer’. All of these songs are among the very best that disco had to offer. The follow up album, ‘Love somebody today’ was produced in much the same way; Chic doing the songwriting & production, Sister Sledge all variously providing the wonderful lead vocals. Driven by one of the late Bernard Edwards’ most infectious basslines, this fantastic track is every bit as good as any song on ‘We are family’.

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