Enormous thanks from The Sheen Resistance to everyone who came down to The Lofty Turtle last week and made the night go so well. 155 of you, all on great form, and as ever the only disappointment was when the lights sadly had to come on at the end of the evening. Thanks again to the brilliant Dee & Paddy at the venue, who always go out of their way to make it easy for us, and of course all the fantastic staff – it’s a lovely team.

There’s been a lot of talk of a disco resurgence recently, and we’re living proof that actually it never really went away – our crowds have always been into it. We’re very lucky that as we’ve added new faces to our crowd of partygoers, they’ve all been loads of fun, and a really nice bunch. We don’t get to talk to as many as we’d like, mainly because we’re concentrating on the music, but we definitely notice the new faces and we’re delighted to see you all. Any party is first and foremost about the people that are there, and long may you keep coming.

There’s video of the night here, and a small gallery of other screengrabs here. Thanks again to David Roberts who always comes up trumps!

Our next night at The Lofty Turtle will be Forbidden Zone on October 12.

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